We’re committed to the holistic development of our student-athletes. They are not just basketball players, they’re sisters, daughters, scholars, and role models in the community.


Connecting you - the viewer - to our program and our players to their futures. Come into our locker room, our study halls, and on our job shadows.


There’s no day like game day, but competition is so much more than the 40 minutes you see when the lights are on. Every action is important and every moment adds up.

Why Different?

This year, we’re getting back to the process.

We’re bringing you inside who we are and what we do everyday. We’re not dressing up for a photoshoot, we’re giving you a front row seat to the day the we dress up. We’re not posing for a photo with a backpack, we’re taking you to class with us. Catch us on gameday, or 5 hours before the game when we’re reviewing our scout. We’re welcoming you into the whole journey.

We’re coming at you different. But, really, we were here all along.