Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb on why we’re coming different.

Fourteen years ago, I came to Cal, as an assistant coach, to help build the women’s basketball program into something special. Where do you start that process, when there isn’t a history of success, and the future is not guaranteed?

You start with the student-athletes.

You start with the here and now.
Photographs. Stories.

Visuals. Come be a part of this, with us.

And you know what?

People got on board. And a new brand of Cal Women’s Basketball was established.

Fast forward six years, to 2011, and Cal Women’s Basketball was on the map. Now, as Head Coach, I was tasked with helping this program become elite.

Sure, we’d have to commit to getting stops, playing fast, rebounding … doing all the things that set you apart on the 94 feet of hardwood. But we also wanted to raise the level when it came to connection.

Because that’s largely what women’s basketball is about.


To one another, to fans, to our community. The still photographs gave way to digital: out student-athletes remained the focus, but now people could hear them, see them, get to know them via our unique website

What people saw via our website was what this program is about: the players being their authentic selves. Playing for the CALIFORNIA on the front of the jersey, while becoming the best version of who they were meant to be.

We play hard, we play fast, we love one another, we dance, we smile, we study, we breathe basketball but we are not only basketball players.

This year, we’re getting back to the process.

We’re bringing you inside who we are and what we do everyday.

We’re not dressing up for a photoshoot, we’re giving you a front row seat to the day the we dress up for our etiquette dinner.

We’re not posing for a photo with a backpack, we’re taking you to class with us.

Catch us on game day, or 5 hours before the game when we’re reviewing our scout. We’re welcoming you into the whole journey.

We’re coming at you different. But, really, we were here all along. Our story continues.


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Wendale Farrow